Phase 1: Horizon scanning – COMPLETE

An online survey was used to gather opinions on the global and local issues that are likely to affect the management of biological invasions in the next 20 – 50 years.  We were interested in hearing from anyone working with, or with an interest in, biological invasions.  The survey included a few questions about contributor’s interest in biological invasions. The survey link was distributed through existing email lists and networks, such as the Aliens-L listserv of the IUCN SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group.  We are on twitter @AlienFutures and the hashtag is #AlienFutures.

Phase 2: Collating and exploring the issues – IN PROGRESS

During the second phase of the project we are collating and categorising the issues to explore new ideas and common themes.  We are also be considering whether there are differences in the issues raised according to scale, geographical regions and the differing backgrounds and experiences of contributors.

Phase 3: Sharing and further exploration

We will make the data and all outputs of this project available for use by stakeholders.  We hope that by providing the raw data (with any personally identifying details removed), others may use this to develop regional shortlists or to explore the implications of the issues at a national or local scale.


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